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Heavy Rock Switzerland
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Heavy Rock Switzerland If there's something that just about always kicks ass, it's female fronted doom rock! Favorite track: Deep Sea Wind.
Bill Kole
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Bill Kole Fuzz and organ, great songs, guitarmonies, powerful female vocals. Fans of Blood Ceremony and The Devil's Blood will find purchase here, but their appeal goes far beyond occult rock. Favorite track: Lord of Time.
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Black Bread is;
Megan Dean - vocals/keys
Ian Vance - bass
Adam Fraser - drums
Yogi - guitars

This four song album was recorded quick and dirty - all files (except for a rough mix of each track) were lost. What you hear is the rough demo mixes which were made listenable by a sweet tape mastering job. Thank you Ian Showalter - you saved this record.

Best enjoyed in headphones at maximum volume.


released August 27, 2013

Recorded Jan/Feb 2013 at Meatlocker studio.
Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Paul 'yogi' Granger.
Additional mixing by Ian Showalter. Mastered by Ian Showalter.
Meatlocker records - all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


BlackBread Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Deep Sea Wind

Deep, black, ice cold.
Current pulls me
Deep sea wind

Reach out, try
Fall in with the flow
Deep sea wind

Alien world, stuck in its pull
Traveling fast, Jupiter's moon
Bending the spoon, water slide
Gotta get off
Trying to swim, forces too strong
Passing you now, leaving again
Current pulls me
Deep sea wind

Reach out, try
Fall in with the flow
Deep sea wind.
Hold strong, breathe
Fall in the the flow
Deep sea wind
Track Name: Shadow Stealer

Shadow stealing garden gnome
Hold my hand when we walk home.
Stay away from hidden light,
Keep me safe, protect the night.

Shadow stealer
Hiding in the dark.
Count the shadows,
They strip the flesh clean to the bone.

To the bone!
Track Name: Stormherder

The pressure drops
The black cloud rises.
Electric silence from the North.

Storm herder

He stands atop the highest mountain
Born of flame the storm is his.
Solar wind consumes his senses.
The world is his
It has been done.

Storm herder x4
Track Name: Lord of Time

Dream – of a temple tomb
Wake – with the sacred room
Flow – like an ancient rhyme
Fly – like a Lord of Time

Run – through the halls of time
Hide – what you find inside
Move – any fears aside
Fly – like a Lord of Time

She escaped the laws of time
Broke the rules that tie and bind
Saved the Lords of Time
No end, no end in sight.
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord of Time.